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At Get Approved Canada, we value your time and privacy. This website is secure and all approvals are quick and simple.


We require no money down or deposit. We charge no additional fees or administration fees except for licensing (max $100) for new plates and sticker.

Locate A Vehicle

Get Approved Canada is connected with over 10 dealerships in Canada and will locate the vehicle you are looking for whether its a New or Used one!


Q: What interest rate will I get?

A: When applying for an interest rate, the financial institution will look at the severity of credit problems, whether or not you may have a down payment or a trade vehicle. Our experienced finance managers will fight to get you the best rate possible.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Depending on the financial institution, an approval will be received in a few minutes to an hour.

Q: Will I be stuck with a high interest loan for the full term?

A: Absolutely not. If you make all of your payments on time, the bank will re-finance the loan at a lower rate after as little as ten months. They just want to see that you are making consistent payments.

Q: What can help me get an approval on a loan?

A: The best way to get a guaranteed low rate would be a good credit co-signor. A co-signor is the best way to help you get a jump start to good credit again.

Q: Do i have to put money down?

A: Of course not! Some of our customers wish to put nothing down on a loan, and the financial institutions are ok with that.

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